First-Time Buyers

Welcome to Nardella, Inc. at the Philadelphia Produce Market!

It may seem large and overwhelming, but some of the friendliest people on earth work in this building. This guide will help you properly navigate your first visit to our market!

Visitor Quick Tips

Dress Warm

Long pants and a jacket are recommended.

Valid Identification

Valid identification is required for all purchases.

Proper Footwear

Closed-toe shoes are strongly recommended for your safety.

Payment Options

We currently only accept cash or check for purchases. ATMs are located on-site.

Your journey begins when you reach the customer entrance and pay your allotted gate fee. For access to our unit, you will be looking for the “G” section, which is color coded in blue.

If you are making a purchase that day, it is recommended that you park in the covered spots directly opposite the store units. Located on the cement pillars near these spots will be a letter and number combination. Please write down or take a photo of this number to better assist with the delivery of your product.  

If you are only visiting to browse, any available parking spot will do. Be sure to reference the parking map below to find the proper location for your type of vehicle.

Parking Map

Large Vehicles

Traffic patterns and parking information for Large Vehicles can be seen by pulling the arrow on the image to the LEFT. Enter the Market on S. 67th Street.

Small Vehicles

Traffic patterns and parking information for Small Vehicles can be seen by pulling the arrow on the image to the RIGHT. Enter the Market on S. 67th Street.

Gate Fee

Tractor Trailer


Gate Fee

Customer Tractor Trailer


Gate Fee

Box Truck


Gate Fee

Van / Pick-Up / Station Wagon


Gate Fee



Before Entering The Building

Let’s Talk About Proper Attire for the Market

At this time (July 2020), we require all visitors to wear a mask and sanitary gloves and practice social distancing.

The concourse of the market maintains a consistent temperature of 50°F. Most visitors find long pants and a winter jacket comfortable for their trip in.

If you plan on inspecting the product before purchase, some of the units run at a temperature of 32°F, and you will be glad to have brought a heavier coat.

Finally, we strongly advise you to wear closed-toed shoes for your own safety.

Just a Few More Steps!

Now that you are dressed and ready to enter the market


Follow the Walkway

Follow the walkway and ramp closest to the store you wish to visit. This will lead you to the loading dock area.

Continue Toward the Center

Continue forward toward the center of the market while being aware of your surroundings, as it is an active workplace with heavy machinery.

Look for G4 or G6

Once you reach the center of the concourse, look for units G4 or G6 to find Nardella, Inc.

Ask Questions!

Our knowledgeable sales staff is always available and willing to help you with your purchase, or answer any questions you may have.

Make Your Selection

Once you have made your selection, we will write up a ticket order, and you will head over to the cashier booth in our store to pay for your purchase.

Enjoy Your Produce!

After payment, the cashier will give your order to any available porter, who will set up and deliver the product directly to your vehicle.

Payment Options

Please note we only accept cash and check (WITH VALID IDENTIFICATION) at this time. For your convenience, ATMs are located next to the restaurant inside the market and next to the guard booth at the entrance.

Remember Your Spot

Please make sure you remember the correct parking location so your delivery will be as seamless as possible.

Try Our Produce!

We encourage customers to sample the products they are purchasing. Please see a salesman for assistance.

We Pride Ourselves On Customer Service

Hope to See You Soon!

If there are any issues with your experience or your order, please call the store at 215-336-1558 and speak directly with our President, John Durante, or our Warehouse Supervisor, Jim Baldwin. We hope these tips will make your first trip a success. We look forward to gaining your trust and business.

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